Large boxes or Smaller boxes?

What quantity and size Is the best ? This Is the common question on every Carton box buyers minds.

We figured it Is not possible to answer as simple as Big is always good. So read on as I will give some money and time saving tips .

There are few factors to look at before deciding.

l. size of goods to be packed

2. weight of goods.

3. How much of 1 and 2 do you have.

4. Do you have blankets and Comforters

5. Fragile items If any

Size of the items to be moved to your new space or storage location can be very varied. Think of all the volumetric items ie bed sheets comforters pillows and similar stuffs. Basically things that are huge but relatively light weight. These sort of items can go into huge boxes or big sized garbage bags.

More in next post… gtg


About CartonBoxRental

We Provide the Carton Boxes(New/Used) for(Rental/Sale) in Singapore with Good Quality and Cheap Rate . Cost of Boxes are rising. We have a smart way to cut your packaging cost by more than 70% when you purchase from us. We Have a wide network of companies and other industry users renting boxes from us for short periods.When these Carton boxes are returned us we maintain and make these same boxes reusable by the next customer.our Boxes are designed to be reused. Boxes that have been reused few cycles will than be made available be sold at lower price thus making it affordable at all times. We also Sell these boxes in new condition.
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