Creative uses of Carton boxes


Carton Boxes

Carton Boxes

Creative uses of carton box range from simple usage to complex usage. It depends on the type and needs of the people. For an example, a construction site manager might use the cardboard box as an inexpensive material for their ventures and so forth. In addition many students also use these corrugated card board boxes as a form of research for their science project. Children toys and Halloween costumes can be designed from these card board boxes. In some Asian countries, during the monsoon season, some shop keepers are known to use card board boxes as a lining on the floors. This prevents water from outside to seep onto the floors of their shops.

Children are unique in their own way. Sometimes it builds their creativity when an adult presents children an individual carton box. In some instances the child will be more intrigued by the carton box shape and form. This allows for the child to ‘invent’ new games and new toys with a basic item such as the card board box.

During Halloween, these card board boxes can be used to design creative costumes for children to wear. It will give a new perspective to the children on how to carry themselves wearing creatively modified carton boxes. The card board boxes can be painted various shades of colour to make it more attractive as the most common colour for card board boxes are plain brown. To ensure the children costumes are strong, only doubled wall card board boxes should be used when designing outfit from them.

Many adult games can be invented from carton boxes. For an example, In the UK, there is a popular fun activity using card board boxes. The activity is aptly named ‘card board diving.’ This action involves constructing huge cardboard box towers and plunging head first into the boxes.

In some parts of the world, cardboard boxes are used as a housing means for homeless people. The carton boxes are modified to form walls and barriers to create ‘compartments’ that form the ‘house’.




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  1. angie cheng says:

    can i check do you have card box for the size of 15cm x 15cm x 75cm?
    Pls advise.

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