The History of Card Board Boxes

The History of Card Board Boxes

Cardboard Box

Cardboard Box

The history of card board boxes begun with a printer and paper bag manufacturer that discovered the method of developing prefabricated paperboard boxes. The printer was Robert Gair. He was from Scotland. The creation came about as a coincidence when he was printing seed bags. The ruler that he customarily uses, moved by accident hence slitting the seed bag. Much to Robert’s amazement, he discovered the art of cutting these papers enables them to be folded. This led to the formation of foldable paperboard boxes. This discovery was later applied to card board boxes when the raw material for these boxes was obtainable during the twentieth century. The first company that used card board boxes to sell products was Kellogg Company. They used it to package their cereal.

G.Smyth built the principal machine that manufactured big amounts of card board boxes in 1874. Later that year Oliver Long upgraded the machine by creating corrugated board with liner sheets on equal sides. This is known nowadays as corrugated cardboards.

In US, the first card board box was made in 1895.Subsequently crates made with wood was used as a replacement to these card board boxes.

The Musée du Cartonnage et de l’Imprimerie (Museum of the Cardboard Box) in Valreas France boasts the history of cardboard box production and the skill involved in printing it.







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