November New Sizes Great Prices

This is a rare find especially once used clean and durable carton box. Mainly required by business owner to ship goods overseas.  Standard shipping lable makes it a perfect fit for shipping of even storage.


big carton box for essential need

XXL is a uque OX carton double walled


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Rare hard material S/W box as good as a double wall box.

Millimetre : 580mm X 390mm X 300mm / SINGLE WALL HEAVY DUTY
NOTE: Very rare single walled box that is as durable and sturdy as a double walled box.

This stock lot is new rejected by customer due to dimension error in production. Good value for money very common size used in packing file and other office or light house hold items into boxes.

Only till stocks last. View here item code N583930

Heavy duty Single walled carton box

Carton box for lighter house hold items or arch files.

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size of goods to be packed

Some customers tend to think that the bigger the box better. This is not alway the case. For example we have a really big carton box that is once used and it seems to be selling very well. We alway tell customers that these big boxes are only suitable for volumetric items like bedsheets pillows and it can take weight similar to a large or medium box to be safe.

Since they are big the structural strenght of the box it not at it best as the corners of the boxes are far apart compared to a smaller box of similar material. Hence after buying the boxes, if you feel that the boxes are weak, the reason is due to what I have mentioned earlier.

Dear, Customers we do not encourage you to buy really big boxes for general moving and relocation purposes. If not sure, then go for the medium size or someting close to that size.

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Get Them While They’re Hot!

used boxes medium


Dimension (length x width x height)

Millimetre : 425mm X 365mm X 315mm

Inches : 16’ X 14’ X 12’

**15pcs Bundle price per box is only $1.80 LIMITED OFFER

Things to note:Grade A once used boxes are rescued soon after manufactures empty the boxes. So these boxes have only been utilised one time. With no sriblings and multiple sticky tapes on its lids. All boxes will have their individual companies marking, hence this boxes are not plain. This box is generally used for items such as; Casual Shirts CD’s DVD’s Gloves Hats Make-Up Shampoo/Conditioner Table Centrepiece Books Caps Cardigans Casual Dresses Sandals Glass Ware Table Clothes/Mats Files/Papers Office Accessories Toiletries Shoes Clothing Kitchen items Our once used boxes are in very good condition, they are steady, strong & clean. These boxes are rescued from factories upon unpacking for the first time.

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46 inch TV box flat screen

Limited stock sony bravia 46″ flat screen tv box available. Call us at 82517409 or visit Only available after 13th May 2014.

carton boxes for tv

Pack a flat screen tv.

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New dimensions of boxes available

You have to check back on our online store for our unique box selectios. Its about time we put aside our documentation gifts in a suitable carton box ! “Tax reporting time”

Choose our range of once used carton box and to keep the moisture out throw in a sachet of the selica gel into the box. Mention this post for free sachets* limited to 10 per customer.

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Moving Tips

If you are planning a move some time soon. Here is a good resource to organize with checklist feature.

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